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We ask a lot of our bodies, and many things (including life itself) can lead to injury, pain and other health issues. At Elizabeth Orr Physiotherapy and Acupuncture we aim to find the source of the issue and work toward finding a solution to treat the ‘cause’.

If you are having issues with back or neck pain, headaches, muscle imbalance and pain, women’s health issues or even difficulty in quitting smoking; let Elizabeth help you regain your inner body strength and health to live your life to the full.



Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that uses physical means to relieve pain, regain range of movement, restore muscle strength and return patients to normal activities of daily living.

What about Womens' Health?

I am a believer that 90% of issues in pregnancy are treatable, and am always saddened by stories of women told to just ‘bear it’ when they are pregnant. From sacro-iliac disorders to pubic-symphysis dysfunction (you will only know what these words mean if you have had them – ouch!!), there is such a lot of help.


I am so very interested in women and their hormones and do a bunch of work on PMT, infertility, pre-menopause and menopause itself. As well, I do a two-three treatment program on incontinence which has enormous success and am so personally excited to see women set free from chronic incontinence issues.


I am a huge believer that our hormones as women are the fulcrum from which most of our nervous system swings. This is my particular interest, and one which I personally delved into during ten years of infertility followed by three children! In essence, our lives as women resemble seasons, and there is so much help if only we would reach out to receive it.

Ongoing headaches

I have ongoing headaches with no improvement despite plenty of therapy… 


I love necks! As cliché as this may sound, my own personal struggle with ongoing headaches over five years led me on a search for a cure which has left me headache free (finally!) and full of empathy for the silent daily struggle of headache sufferers. Very basically, the key is to release all the stresses on your neck and to ensure that each joint is gliding smoothly. So often one joint is locked with the joint below or above hypermobile.


This is often the case for those people who self-manipulate… A quick relief with no cure as the mobile joint manipulates easily leaving the stuck joint still very dysfunctional. 
Despite the fact that there are many causes for headaches, almost every issue is totally treatable. And though many patients request acupuncture for their neck ailments, though it is fantastic for settling the over-active nervous system, really for true eradication of the biomechanical you need my hands-on approach.

I have been to many therapists...

I have been to many therapists with my neck pain and headaches. Each one makes a difference for a few days and then things slowly worsen again. How can I get off this treadmill?


As usual there is a large difference between treating the ‘symptom’ and dealing with the ’cause’. Each tissue in our body, (whether muscle or joint or connective tissue) when worked on will have an effect on our nervous system, relax us and indirectly change our pain levels. This type of generic approach will typically Band-Aid the symptom and decrease local spasm, probably leaving us feeling relatively fabulous until the effect wears off. 
However, if a definitive diagnosis of the ’cause’ is made, things work in reverse.


The true issue is dealt with, the nervous system settles down, the muscles give up spasming, the pain decreases and stays decreased. 
Sounds too easy? Generally it isn’t rocket science, but simply a case of nailing the real issue. So if your problem keeps popping up, your body is simply alerting you to the fact that the cause has not been dealt with… please don’t give up hope – come in and get assessed today!

Is it the muscle or is it the nerve?

Often in the morning I have troubles with tightness in my calf muscles. At other times I find they tend to cramp – particularly at night time when I am in bed.


Though magnesium deficiency is so often blamed for taut muscles and cramping, I find most of the time these symptoms are pointing to an issue in your back. Regardless of whether you are experiencing back pain, it is evident that your sciatic nerve (which supplies your calves) is over-firing for one reason or another.


Is it easy to cure??? Indeed it is, and generally it is a case of simmering down the over-firing sciatic nerve and ensuring there is nothing blocking it’s pathway. Occasionally the presence of nerve irritation points to other more extreme issues such as disc dysfunction – so precise diagnosis is required and a treatment plan made. However, don’t sit around waiting for this one to settle on its own – it originates from irritation of a nerve, so the irritant needs to be removed in order for the issue to resolve!

Ouch! It hurts in my tail bone when I sit down!

It is surprising just how many people have fractured their coccyx (tail bone) through injuries and falls. Even after many years the pain can be absolutely debilitating as the hope of a cure dwindles…. However, most of the many cases of coccyx dysfunction I have treated have been 100% curable. This is due to the many structures around the coccyx which are affected indirectly yet contribute directly to the pain. Please do not leave it if you or a friend has this issue – let me assure you the treatment is non-embarrassing and results are dramatic!

Caesarean Sections

There are those of you who have had one or more C-Sections with no effect…. But what about the number of ladies who have watched their babies grow while they are still left with the issues originating from their birth?


Whether you have puckering of your scar, a ‘paunch’ which hangs over it, pain over the area, ongoing lower back problems, a pelvis which lacks stability and seems to be always creating issues, or an abdomen that never feels quite strong enough – it is time you came for help. Please consider allowing me to assess your issues, to fix the obvious and to show you my unique DIY approach to eliminating the effects of scar tissue. I am here to offer hope and a solution!

Incontinence! Is this you?

Whether your issue is an over-active bladder, urge or stress incontinence, or whether you are still feeling wonky after having babies… I would love to help you.


Your issue is my personal passion, and though you may feel you have tried all the conventional Physio techniques and strengthening programs, please let me use my unique approach to shine a light on the underlying cause of your issues.


Whether incontinence has plagued you for weeks, months, or many years, it is never too late to step in and change things…


Acupuncture is one of the oldest and long-standing health care systems in the world, using precise points on the body to influence your health. Acupuncture can be used for a wide variety of issues and is focused on treating the underlying cause of the issue as well as its presenting symptoms.

What is acupuncture all about?

I use Western Acupuncture which in a nutshell means that I use needles to stimulate nerve receptors in order to elicit an effect in your body and brain. Whenever a nerve receptor is stimulated (I aim for the A-delta’s for those of you that care), a series of ‘neuropeptides’ are released which ultimately cause a cascade of effects from your periphery, to your spine and your brain. Amazing, huh?

So how is acupuncture going to help me?

Every part of your body is controlled ultimately by your nervous system – it is like the electrical wiring in your house. So much of healthcare concentrates on fixing the symptom yet never addresses the cause… and eventually the search for the ’cause’ leads you to the wiring. In the same way you can fiddle around with a light bulb when a fuse is blown, working on the immediate problem often ignores the neural input!


There are only so many ways that we can influence the nervous system to elicit a change in it’s firing pattern, and I have never found anything as direct and effective as acupuncture. When the correct diagnosis is made, acupuncture (hand-in-hand with techniques which alter your structural and biomechanical make-up) is amazing!

Do you compliment acupuncture with any other therapy?

Acupuncture makes up about 30-50% of my treatment. Aside from this I use only hands-on therapy. You will never find a machine in my practice as I strongly believe in manual therapy as a way to transform tissue dysfunction, alongside joint mobilisation and manipulation.


The key is correct diagnosis, not only of the presenting problem, but of the underlying cause. So many times, the incident which created the problem is merely the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ and an assessment of your biomechanical I make-up is the key. I love love love! tackling those issues which have had you running to therapist after therapist for help. This is what makes me excited and keeps me passionate about my work!

Can you help me quit smoking?

Yes! But here’s the deal… Acupuncture (specific to this issue) is utilised to stop the ‘craving’ for a cigarette. It essentially blocks the craving by simulating the release of the happy hormones (nor-adrenaline) in the brain – meaning that I am giving you a window where the need to smoke is gone and you can action your plan to quit. But the problem is that, like over-eating, the ‘craving’ for a cigarette is only one of many reasons why you might smoke.


For instance, social reasons (always smoke when you drink), habitual reasons (always have a smoke first thing in the morning) and emotional reasons add just as much to the pot of ‘addiction’ as cravings. So, if you are wanting to quit, work out a plan to deal with the other factors which hold you in this addiction, then use me to block those cravings to give you a window of opportunity to break the cycle!